How To Use TK102 Tracking Device – Demonstration

If you’ve read my articles about the TK102 tracking device, you might be curious as to how to use this GPS tracking device. The simplicity of how to use this device is amazing, you have to see it to believe it! Even for those of us who are not very good with technology can find that using the TK102 GPS Tracker a breeze.

Here are the videos:

This video is not in English, but you can get a good idea of how to use the TK102 and how it works. The demonstrators attach the GPS tracking device on a remote controlled airplane, they then track it’s path and location.

Here’s a video showing how you will receive the coordinates and how easy it really is. The demonstrator simply calls the number on the GPS tracking device, and gets a SMS text message with the coordinates of the device.


Where to buy the TK102 Tracking Device:


GPS Tracking Device for Tracking Movement of a Person

In our earlier article, we stated that it is possible for you to track the movement of a person using a GPS tracking device known as the TK102 GPS tracking device

Before we go any further, let’s discuss the reasons why you would want to track a person using GPS anyway? I mean imagine being able to track where ever a person goes in real time. We’re not talking about anything illegal here. You may want to a track a person because they are your child, and you would like to know where they are at any given time. You may want to use a GPS tracking device for your employees who’s jobs require them to be moving around from place to place (such as an exterminator). You may also want to use GPS tracking for an elderly who may wander off on their own.

So, you will be able to use the TK102 for this purpose. For more information and a video demonstration, follow the link below:

GPS tracking device to track a person


GPS Tracker to Track a Person

Have you ever wondered if you could track a person using an accurate GPS device? Well, we assume that the government and spies have equipment like that where they can attach it to someone or something and be able to trace the route of where it’s going and where it’s exact location is.

Well, without doing your research, you would have never known. But yes, you can own your own personal GPS tracker. The TK102 is such a tool, weighing in about 50 grams, it can easily be concealed and tucked away somewhere. All you have to do is slip a pre-paid simcard into the device, and it’ll feed the information to a cell tower nearby and back to your phone as a SMS message or to your computer. 

Yes, you can actually get real time GPS tracking information and coordinates from this GPS tracking device. The information you will receive will be the latitude and longitude coordinates. It’s actually very easy to use these coordinates as we have a lot of free tools that can assist us with that. You can plug the coordinates into Google Earth and you’ll see visually where this place is.

So, for such a high tech GPS tracking device, how much would it cost? 

The price is about $50.00 which is extremely affordable. See link below.


GPS Tracking Device